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Supermount-ng for kernel 2.6.X - 2.6.24 on Gentoo, SuSE, etc.



Due to the last version of udev hal dbus and ivman included in the last gentoo version are not working properly with floppys (so old but many used today), I decided to touch the sources of supermount that seems to be out dated , I just touch the sources to get supermount working on 2.6.7 - > 2.6.18-rc3, , major changes for 2.6.12.X, I just test for IDE ATAPI CD/DVD and FLOPPY. If you want a copy of updated bootsplash, here is for testing on Due to uselib update on 2.6.11-rc1, I'll not use anymore older kernels.


WARN!!: This patches are only tested with IDE/ATAPI CD/DVD and FLOPPY devices, use it at your own risk.
Warn: If you experiences problems opening the CD-ROM tray, and you can't setup dbus/hald/ivman then apply this patch after supermount patch: supermount_unlocktray.patch.gz
Note:(SEE DOCUMENTATION or ASK IN THE FORM IF DOES NOT BUILD WITH GCC 3.4.X [replace in subfs.c "inline" by "" nothing])


Just patch the kernel sources, this is an example, I recommend to read more about if you are n00b.
bash-2.05b# cd /usr/src/linux-2.6.11-rc1
bash-2.05b# gzip -dc /home/gus/supermount-2.0.4-2.6.11-rc1-madgus.patch.gz | patch -p1
patching file Documentation/filesystems/00-INDEX
patching file Documentation/filesystems/supermount.txt
patching file drivers/cdrom/cdrom.c
patching file drivers/cdrom/cdu31a.c
patching file drivers/cdrom/cm206.c
patching file drivers/cdrom/mcd.c
patching file drivers/cdrom/mcdx.c
patching file drivers/cdrom/sbpcd.c
patching file drivers/ide/ide-cd.c
patching file drivers/ide/ide-floppy.c
patching file drivers/scsi/sd.c
patching file drivers/scsi/sr.c
patching file fs/Kconfig
patching file fs/Makefile
patching file fs/block_dev.c
patching file fs/ext2/super.c
patching file fs/isofs/inode.c
patching file fs/namespace.c
patching file fs/super.c
patching file fs/supermount/Kconfig
patching file fs/supermount/Makefile
patching file fs/supermount/changelog
patching file fs/supermount/dentry.c
patching file fs/supermount/file.c
patching file fs/supermount/filemap.c
patching file fs/supermount/init.c
patching file fs/supermount/mediactl.c
patching file fs/supermount/namei.c
patching file fs/supermount/proc.c
patching file fs/supermount/subfs.c
patching file fs/supermount/super.c
patching file fs/supermount/supermount.h
patching file fs/udf/super.c
patching file include/linux/cdrom.h
patching file include/linux/fs.h
patching file include/linux/genhd.h
patching file include/linux/supermount_media.h
bash-2.05b# make menuconfig
Linux Kernel v2.6.11-rc1 Configuration
  l-------------------------- Pseudo filesystems --------------------------qk
  x  Arrow keys navigate the menu.  <Enter> selects submenus --->.          x  
  x  Highlighted letters are hotkeys.  Pressing <Y> includes, <N> excludes, x  
  x  <M> modularizes features.  Press <Esc><Esc> to exit, <?> for Help, </> x  
  x  for Search.  Legend: [*] built-in  [ ] excluded  <M> module  < >       x  
  x l--------------------------------------------------------------------qk x  
  x x      [*] /proc file system support                                  x x  
  x x      [*]   /proc/kcore support                                      x x  
  x x      [ ] /dev file system support (OBSOLETE)                        x x  
  x x      [ ] /dev/pts Extended Attributes                               x x  
  x x      [*] Virtual memory file system support (former shm fs)         x x  
  x x      [ ]   tmpfs Extended Attributes (NEW)                          x x  
  x x      [ ] HugeTLB file system support                                x x  
  x x      <*> Supermount removable media support                         x x  
  x x      [ ]   Enable supermount debug code (NEW)                       x x  
  x m--------------------------------------------------------------------qj x  
  x                    <Select>    < Exit >    < Help >                     x 
Save the config and start compiling.


There is an example /etc/fstab configuration:
# This file is edited by fstab-sync - see 'man fstab-sync' for details
# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# $Header: /home/cvsroot/gentoo-src/rc-scripts/etc/fstab,v 1.14 2003/10/13 20:03:38 azarah Exp $
# noatime turns off atimes for increased performance (atimes normally aren't
# needed; notail increases performance of ReiserFS (at the expense of storage
# efficiency).  It's safe to drop the noatime options if you want and to 
# switch between notail and tail freely.

# >fs>                  >mountpoint>    >type>          >opts>                  >dump/pass>

# NOTE: If your BOOT partition is ReiserFS, add the notail option to opts.
#/dev/BOOT              /boot           ext3            noauto,noatime          1 1
/dev/hdc7               /               ext3            noatime                 0 0
/dev/hdc2               /home.old               ext3            noatime                 0 0
/dev/hdc6               /compartir      ext3            noatime                 0 0
/dev/hdc8               /xtras  xfs             noatime                 0 0
/dev/hdc5               /d      xfs             noatime                 0 0
/dev/sda2               none            swap            sw                      0 0
#/dev/cdroms/cdrom0     /mnt/cdrom      iso9660         noauto,ro               0 0
#/dev/fd0               /mnt/floppy     vfat,minix,ext2,ext3            sync,noauto,users               0 0
/dev/cdrom      /cdrom  supermount      fs=udf:iso9660,dev=/dev/cdrom,--,ro,defaults,user,exec 0 0
/dev/dvdrw      /dvdr   auto    ro,noauto,user,exec 0 0
/dev/dvd        /dvd    supermount      fs=udf:iso9660,dev=/dev/dvd,--,ro,defaults,user,exec 0 0
/dev/sda1       /mnt    auto    ro,noauto,user,exec 0 0
/dev/fd0        /floppy supermount fs=vfat:ext2,dev=/dev/fd0,--,defaults,user,sync 0 0
tmpfs           /tmpfs  tmpfs   noauto,user 0 0

# NOTE: The next line is critical for boot!
none                    /proc           proc            defaults                0 0

# glibc 2.2 and above expects tmpfs to be mounted at /dev/shm for
# POSIX shared memory (shm_open, shm_unlink). 
# (tmpfs is a dynamically expandable/shrinkable ramdisk, and will
#  use almost no memory if not populated with files)
# Adding the following line to /etc/fstab should take care of this:

none                    /dev/shm        tmpfs           defaults                0 0

/dev/hdd                /media/cdrecorder       auto    exec,user,noauto,managed 0 0
/dev/hdb                /media/cdrom            auto    exec,user,noauto,managed 0 0
/dev/hda                /media/cdrecorder1      auto    exec,user,noauto,managed 0 0

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